Ambassador's Notes: America’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy for BiH

Ambassador Moon at an event in Foca in October, 2011.

Regardless of where I travel or with whom I speak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, people almost universally tell me that their biggest concern is the lack of jobs, and in turn, the prospects for a prosperous future in BiH. 

Helping to build a more prosperous future for Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of my embassy’s top priorities.  Our USAID Mission recently developed its Country Development Cooperation Strategy for BiH (in Bosnian and English), which outlines our assistance strategy for the next five years.  I encourage you to read through it.  Every person in Bosnia and Herzegovina stands to gain from the programs contained in this new work plan.

The strategy outlines USAID’s plans to create jobs, educate the workforce, make the government more accountable and less corrupt, and promote equal rights, peace, and inter-ethnic reconciliation in BiH, with a special focus on women and youth.

This plan also shows the U.S. Government’s continuing strong commitment to a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous BiH.  As I have often stated, “the United States is here and here to stay.”  We have invested heavily in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we remain committed to our vision of the country’s future.  We will stand by all BiH citizens as you progress toward NATO and EU membership.

USAID’s BiH strategy is not our plan for changing the country, but rather our plan for helping you, the people of BiH, change your country – to boost the economy, strengthen democracy, improve the rule of law, and make this country a better, more prosperous place for all citizens of BiH and for the generations to come.  I encourage you to read the strategy and let us know what you think.  Ensuring that BiH moves toward a more prosperous, stable and secure future depends on the willingness and commitment of the leaders and citizens of this country – in other words, you.