Foca High School: Paintings + Bright Students Visit Embassy

Ambassador Moon (center) with Foca students.

The new U.S. Embassy has a collection of art (view collection here) created by some of the best artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming (albeit temporarily) additional pieces of beautiful art to our building, thanks to students from Foca High School’s art club.  These students brought some of their paintings for an exhibit in our main gallery.  I was amazed by their talent.  Many Embassy employees simply couldn’t believe that these works of art were created by teenagers.

As much as I enjoyed the art, I also loved speaking with these students.  If you’ve visited this blog before, you’ll know that I truly enjoy meeting with young people from across BiH.  Although the political progress of this country’s path toward full integration with Europe can sometimes be frustratingly slow, meetings with students remind me that there is a tremendous pool of hope, energy and optimism waiting to be tapped.  

School Director Ms. Borka Kovac (center) at her students' exhibit.

The director of the high school, Borka Kovac, joined the students in their visit.  She recently traveled to the United States, along with several other high school principals from BiH, to see how American high schools are changing and modernizing to better meet the needs of both students and the workforce.  I’m happy that the Embassy was able to send Ms. Kovac and her colleagues on this tour, and I wish her success with her own school in Foca.

Congratulations to this group of excellent young artists.    I was impressed by the thoughtful comments and questions from these young leaders.