Holiday Fun in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo in Winter

My family and I were very happy to spend the holiday period this year – as well as last year – in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  We were busy with family activities, including enjoying time with friends, attending concerts and receptions, and visiting the nearby mountain resorts at Jahorina and Bjelisnica.  The region has received a bountiful snowfall this year, and we took advantage of it.  My wife continued her lessons and our daughters took their first ski lessons.  The girls also loved sledding, which was fun for my wife and me, too.  We all enjoyed the beautiful mountain scenery, fresh air, excellent cuisine, and healthy exercise. 

I first learned to ski while a university student in Colorado, which has the majestic Rocky Mountains.  During my diplomatic career, I have had opportunities to ski in Lebanon, France, Austria, Switzerland, and now Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Skiing here has been a real pleasure for my entire family.  We are hoping for more snow and more opportunities to visit this country’s lovely ski areas. 

Of course, skiing and other winter activities are just an example of the many outdoor attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is an increasingly popular tourist destination because of its mountains, rivers, and beautiful scenery.  In fact, NationalGeographic recently added Bosnia and Herzegovina to its list of ten adventure destinations for 2012.  They chose Bosnia and Herzegovina for mountain biking, but I think it is a fantastic destination for many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, rafting, and, of course, skiing. 

I hope to see you on the slopes, hiking trails, and rivers!