Cazin: Speaking a Common Language

Recently, I received a very warm reception from the U.S.-sponsored ACCESS English-language program students at the Dzemaludin Causevic Medresa in Cazin.  My visit confirmed to me that our English-language programming is having a positive impact on students throughout BiH.  As I told the students, knowing English is key to future success, prosperity, and most importantly mutual understanding.  English is the language of global business, education, and diplomacy and gives students a head start in the professional careers and we are proud to be able to help give BiH’s future leaders the skills they will need when BiH takes its rightful place in European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.  The support that we provide to all medressas in BiH so that they can offer extra English instruction is a wise investment in the future of this country.

I am thankful to Medresa Director Enes Ljubijankic, Bihac Mufti Hasan ef. Makic, and Una-Sana Cantonal Minister of Education Dario Juric for their warm welcome and for joining me and the students in Cazin.  The musical presentation by the students, in English, was impressive and their message of identity, hard work, and friendship between peoples of different backgrounds was inspirational.  I encouraged the students, as I encourage all students in BiH, to consider attending a university in the U.S.  American colleges and universities are welcoming to students from all over the world, and we need and want more students from BiH to study with American students. 

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